moreAbout Sinopec Exploration Company

Sinopec Exploration Company is the only professional oil and gas exploration company of Sinopec, and is generally responsible for risk exploration of Southern unprospected areas, Tibet unprospected areas and Northeast unprospected areas of China. Besides, In accordance with the requirements of Sinopec, Exploration Company also develops exploration research and deployments of other new registered areas.

Sinopec Exploration Company always sticks to the centre of commercial discoveries, focuses on exploration breakthrough, and finds large and medium-sized oil and gas fields as target. According to three levels of strategy development, strategy breakthrough, and strategy preparation to explore oil and gas, Sinopec Exploration Company has discovered 6 large and medium-size gas fields, including Puguang gas field, Yuanba gas field, Fuling shale gas field and so on, and it has made positive contributions...