About Sinopec Exploration Company

Sinopec Exploration Company is the only professional oil and gas exploration company of Sinopec, and is generally responsible for risk exploration of Southern unprospected areas, Tibet unprospected areas and Northeast unprospected areas of China. Besides, In accordance with the requirements of Sinopec, Exploration Company also develops exploration research and deployments of other new registered areas.

Sinopec Exploration Company always sticks to the centre of commercial discoveries, focuses on exploration breakthrough, and finds large and medium-sized oil and gas fields as target. According to three levels of strategy development, strategy breakthrough, and strategy preparation to explore oil and gas, Sinopec Exploration Company has discovered 6 large and medium-size gas fields, including Puguang gas field, Yuanba gas field, Fuling shale gas field and so on, and it has made positive contributions to massive development of natural gas of Sinopec and economic social development.

Exploration Company is talent-intensive enterprise: management and professional technical personnel account for 99%, bachelor degree or above personnel account for 80%, and intermediate professional title or above personnel account for 80%. Additionally, Sinopec Exploration Company has trained a number of experts who are famous in oil and gas exploration field of China including Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Exploration Company is one of the first innovative enterprises named by Sinopec. Perfect scientific research systems have been established, and basic geological study and technical improvements have been paid special attention. Moreover, the geological theories and technical methods of southern marine carbonate reservoir and shale gas exploration have been formed basically. Sinopec Exploration Company, established in 2002, and until 2017, has won First National Science-Technology Progress Prize twice, provincial and ministry or above level rewards more than 70 times.

Exploration Company has developed systems mechanisms and enterprise culture to adapt for efficient exploration. The working systems are characterized by small administrative departments, large projects, elaborative research and powerful supervision, and the operating mechanisms are group-operation decisions, project-based management, market-oriented operation and socialized service. Exploration Company chooses professional teams to engage exploration projects by way of bidding in public. The management features consist of institutional innovations optimizing decision, theoretical innovation optimizing arrangements, technological innovation optimizing design and management innovation optimizing operations, also called four innovations and four optimizations. Exploration Company is practicing the enterprise spirit of objectivity, dedication, deploitation, innovation and harmony, and the tenets of people-oriented, green exploration, contributing resource and benefitting the society. Exploration Company has also formed the safe exploration concept of no unsafe footage, no unsafe project duration and no unsafe benefit.

Exploration Company shoulders the important task of implementing resource strategies, and will seriously fulfill the mission of refueling for a better life. Furthermore, Sinopec Exploration Company will vigorously promote efficient exploration, and make new contributions to word first-class energy and chemical company of Sinopec.​​​​​​